Public Sector Driving Blockchain Adoption in India

In India, government play an important role for the growth of blockchain solutions development and encourage people for mass adoption of the technology. Now, most of the Indian states initiated blockchain projects to deal with different kind of challenges to deal with citizen services.  The government of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is two first states to adopt blockchain technology completely.

As per the Blockchain Report 2019, 40 more blockchain projects are also initiatives by the public sector of India. The plan strategy is done 92% and 8% production is also done. While most of these projects are still in the initial stages, state managements have taken an advanced approach to ensure startups and niche suppliers have a encouraging framework to contribute in these businesses.

State governments of India are associating with diverse investors to fast-track blockchain implementation in public sector. Such companies include the government of Andhra Pradesh and Zebi, a corporation that efforts on emerging blockchain-based resolutions in land registry, the municipal corporations of Bankura and Durgapur districts in West Bengal and Netherlands-based Company Lynked. The blockchain-based platform for issuing birth certificates, and the Assam government and Centre Vision, which are employed on setting up blockchain resolutions for governance procedure and other citizen-facing submissions.

A blockchain controlling sandbox could also assistance drive creation revolution in the country and also signal positive intent to the blockchain startup or developer community, while protective investor and customer interests.

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