Samsung Unveils Cryptocurrency Wallet, Dapps for Galaxy S10 Phone

Samsung Electronics has launched the cryptocurrency wallet in its flagship phone Samsun Galaxy S10. This cryptocurrency wallet is currently compatible with Ethereum based token such as ERC20. The phone wallet yet not supported the bitcoin. The company planning soon to launch bitcoin compatible wallet. 

The cryptocurrency wallet is also support to 4 different dApps including crypto collectibles platform CryptoKitties, crypto gaming platform Enjin and merchant payments service CoinDuck. The wallet app can be downloaded only Samsung Galaxy S10 from the Samsung Galaxy Store. The company said it plans to increase the service to more devices and digital currencies in the future. The phone officially on-going delivery from pre-order deals on March 8.

The news originates just weeks after Samsung gave the first authorisation that it would provide private digital currency key storing on the S10 range. Soon after, the company exposed the first particulars of the storage resolution, the “Blockchain Keystore,” which seems to have three broad features: payments to dealers, digital signatures and digital currency storage and transferences.

Samsung cryptocurrency Wallet will be used in combination with Blockchain Keystone and is designed to abridge the dealings process for newcomers to the expertise. In the dApp, users can easily enter the sum to be paid, scan a QR code offering the online or offline dealer’s wallet address, tab the “accept” button, and the payment will done by Samsung Wallet.

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