Eight thousand people are all set to join the upcoming Future Blockchain summit. The summit is going to be the world’s most influential event of Dubai, UAE. And the second edition of the event will be held on 2nd April to 3rd April at Dubai World Trade Centre.

Future Blockchain Summit 2019 will shine the limelight on outshining blockchain knowledge, moving the discussion beyond theoretic use-cases and into everyday chances. It will look at blockchain use all over the world’s most integral businesses, including business and e-commerce business platform, healthcare, education, transportation, hospitality, food and travel, energy and banking, security and safety.

Dubai is a leading country which becomes very ambitious for the first blockchain powered government with the vision and leadership to innovator the use of the skill and provide governance within essential manufacturing domain including real estate and financial services.

In 2019, the future Blockchain Summit to launch the Global Blockchain in the third round of the summit. The encounter will see start-ups from all across the world pitch ventures that can subsidize to the goals of the Dubai Blockchain Policy - planned at removing 100 million paper transactions of a year, and saving $1.5billion – and make Dubai the first blockchain powered by 2020.

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